Building Space to Gather & Learn
in Elkins, WV

Let’s inspire together! Kids and the grown-ups who care about them are hungering for a local space that encourages curiosity, engages the senses, and enables growth. 

Help us make that a reality in Elkins.

What is a Children's Museum?
Unlike traditional museums, children’s museums focus on interactive exhibits and learning through creativity and experimentation. People are encouraged to touch installations, use their imaginations, and explore their surroundings. The guiding principle behind children’s museums is the idea that PLAY IS LEARNING. By providing safe spaces to engage in, people have the opportunity to build skills that foster creative thinking and innovation. Children’s museums also act as local destinations and as community resources, elevating local economies and providing social services & advocacy for children.


Interact Children’s Museum will foster creativity, and education in our community, paving the way for our next generation of scientists, engineers, active community leaders, artists, and 21st-century citizens. We’ll create opportunities for children and families to connect, engage, and explore through hands-on play.


Interact Children’s Museum will provide a community space that makes Elkins a better place for everyone. We envision Interact as a lively, accessible local hub, connecting people and inspiring growth in our area. By making Elkins a more vibrant place for young families and grandparents to settle and stay, Interact will help keep our community thriving.


Interact Children’s Museum hopes to become a major attraction in the Elkins area. When we bring people to our town, they won’t just stop at the museum. They’ll visit restaurants, businesses, and other local attractions. We’ll show them what is unique about Elkins and the surrounding area. We’ll help convince them to come back (or to come stay)! The museum will also provide jobs and volunteer opportunities for folks already living here.